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This VOR Simulator will help you understand how VOR, VOR DME, LOC, ILS, LDA and a SDF works!
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If you are from USA Click HERE will track your flying hours just like your paper aviation logbooks, but our aviation logbook will make the process much easier. We will calculate your hours plus keep track of all types of aircraft that you have flown over the years.

We also let you name your own set of custom fields to add hours into categories such as Floats, Mountain Time, Sea Time, Skis, Instructor, Tail Dragger, etc. You will be able to print your aviation logbook at your convenience to be submitted to Transport Canada or any other Organization.

We also have special reports that show you at a glance how many hours you have logged and summarize in one convenient report your various types of flight hours.


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"5 Stars! Fully recommended! It is very convenient to be able to access my Logbook anywhere in the world and the service and support is second to none."
CPL Helicopter
Fantastic site! Well put together and easy to use. Takes out all the guess work when trying to figure out hours totals. Really recommend
Dave - Private Pilot


Airplane LandingProtects in the event that you lose your Paper Aviation Logbook. Backup protection away from your home computer and house. Why house?  What happens if your Backup on CD is in your house and there is a fire? No more backup!


HelicopterNeat and legible entries. No more need to manually calculate Hours. Total hours at a glance in our Flight Hours Menu. Reports such as last 30, 60, 90 days are calculated for you. Get your aviation logbook today. A wonderful Online Logbook

Specialty Items

Float Plane on DockCustom Fields for all different hours you fly but do not fit in your Paper Aviation Logbook. Login any where, any time to enter, check or print your hours. No need to Photocopy your Aviation Logbook, just print off this online logbook anywhere in the world.

We have different types of users including

Airplane Pilots
Helicopter Pilots
Ultralight Pilots

And we Support the Following
Aviation Logbooks

Helicopter Pilot Logbook
Airline Logbook
Pilot Logbook
Recreational Pilot Logbook
Private Pilot Logbook
Commercial Pilot Logbook

Introducing easy detailing for hours of each type of Aircraft Model that you fly.  Check it out

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