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General Questions
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Here is a list of some of commonly asked questions from users and prospective users alike. Please contact us if we haven't answered one of yours. Click on the 'Main' link above to return to the Home Page.
General Questions
Q: What exactly does this web site do?
A: This website is the best investment that you can make for your aviation career or hobby. will track your flying hours just like your paper aviation logbooks, but our aviation logbook will make the process much easier. We will calculate your hours plus keep track of all types of aircraft that you have flown over the years. We also let you name your own set of custom fields to add hours into categories such as Floats, Mountain Time, Sea Time, Skis, Instructor, Tail Dragger, etc. You will be able to print your aviation logbook at your convenience to be submitted to Transport Canada or any other Organization. We also have special reports that show you at a glance how many hours you have logged and summarize in one convenient report your various types of flight hours.
We have different types of users including - Airplane, Helicopter and Ultra Light pilots. aviation logbook is great for Recreational Pilot Logbooks, Private Pilot Logbooks, Commercial Pilot Logbooks, Helicopter Pilot Logbooks, Airline Logbook or any other Pilot Logbook.
Q: Can I use my for submission to Transport Canada when needed?

A: Yes you can as stated by CARS

103.04 Record Keeping

Recording systems, including computer records and microfiche, that do not comprise entries on paper may be used to comply with the record-keeping requirements of these Regulations if

(a) measures are taken to ensure that the records contained in the recording systems are protected, by electronic or other means, against inadvertent loss or destruction and against tampering; and

(b) a copy of the records contained in the recording systems can be printed on paper and provided to the Minister on reasonable notice given by the Minister.

Q: Can I use my for submission to FAA or JAA
A: Yes you can, we have the same format as most paper logbooks.
Pricing  and  Registration
Q: What does cost? How do I pay? How do I register?

A: will cost $12.50 per year or $10.00 for 3 months or 1 month $3.00 (You are not obligated into subscribing each month, we just use PAYPAL for an easy transaction for monthly billing). To subscribe go to the home page and click on Register. Fill out the form. Payment may be made by money order or PAYPAL at present. Sorry but we will not accept any cheques. At present, your account will be activated upon completion of this form. Money orders must be received in our office within 5 days or your account will be temporarily suspended until payment has been received. We will advise once payment has been received, so that you may begin logging your flight data on

Q: How long does my subscription last?

A: Your subscription will run one year from the date we received your payment, and will automatically renew each year, unless you cancel it via PayPal, or in your Log CFG - Subscription Info page.

Q: If I decide not to renew my subscription do I lose access to all my Data?

A: No, you would not. All your data will be safely stored on our server and won't be deleted at all. You can renew and you will be able to access your data again. Click here to Renew

Q: Will you sell my information?

A: No we will not. We will keep all your information private and confidential. We dislike receiving spam as much as the rest of you.

Forgotten User Name or Password?
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Then simply enter your email address. We will send your user name and password back. If we need to mail your user id there will a small fee. Note--We will do a check before we mail any password to anyone.